15 min Turkey Circuit Workout

Thanksgiving is coming up in a few days, and everyone knows it typically means not only time with family and friends, but time with potentially lots and lots of food! In order to prepare for the feasting festivities, I’m going to get in some cardio and high intensity interval circuits for the next few mornings. The “HIIT” training is great for burning fat, and a great way to get a quick workout if you may be strapped for time. In case you need a circuit to do, or want to switch up your routine, I threw together a quick workout that I plan to do the morning of Thanksgiving. All you need is anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes!

Turkey Circuit:

1 Minute: Wall Sit

30 Seconds of  Mountain Climbers

30 Seconds of Push Ups

30 Seconds of Double High Knees to Chest

30 Seconds of Jumping Jacks

30 Seconds of Half-Burpees

30 Seconds: Plank

The above routine will be done straight through with no breaks in between the exercises. Once I go through all exercises once, that is considered one circuit. At the end of one circuit I will rest for 1 minute, and continue the circuit all over again starting up with the wall sit. 3 circuits total for a total time of 15 minutes!

Notes: Pace yourself. Use judgement if you want to do just one circuit or all 3. The wall sit and plank will be held until the designated time is up. If you need to take a short break, do so, but get right back into position. For the other exercises, perform as many as you can in the allotted 30 seconds. Also, depending on what kind of shape you’re in – if the minute break is not long enough, extend to 2 minutes if needed.

Drop a comment if you decide to try it out with me!

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