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Workout Buddies Vintage


Getting yourself to workout on your own can be tough. Not only that, let’s say you do actually make it to the gym, a lot of times your workout intensity may not be as high by yourself. It always adds another dimension to your workout when you have one of your friends working out along side with you, or maybe even a group of friends.

Share your fitness goals with your closest friends or even to people out on twitter. Going through anything alone can be daunting, but even having just the support of others goes along way. Find a buddy and organize set times to meetup throughout the week, that way you can hold each other accountable for both making it to the gym and actually pushing yourself throughout your workout.

If its hard scheduling times with someone, at least set up a system where you and another person make a pact to workout a certain amount of days during the week. Finding it hard to get your butt outta bed in the morning? Have your gym brother or sister shoot you a wake up text or call as your extra alarm clock. Even better, make a bet with someone for a designated workout goal like number of miles ran during the week, and loser has to make dinner or pay for the next outing.

Need some extra motivation or ideas for workout goals to accomplish? Shoot me an email! I’m trying to create a culture of healthy, fit, and motivated people. We’ll push each other to hitting our goals for the New Year together.

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