As I begin to blog more and gain more followers, it is important to know that I could potentially have a big influence on some individuals. A question that I get a lot, is “so what do you eat? What’s your diet like?” I try never to preach a specific diet, or tell anyone to eat only these types of foods. Many people have different goals, different intolerance to foods, or different cultural beliefs with regards to food consumption. HOWEVER, one idea I will preach is DENSITY.

May your food be dense, your muscles be dense, and your relationships all be dense – CG3.0

1.) Nutrient Density: How you eat and the types of food you consume is your lifestyle. I am an advocate of “healthy” food, but now a days that word is thrown around either by misconception, media and food corporations, or by bloggers like myself. The only thing I can outwardly preach is that everyone should try and focus on eating Nutrient Dense food. This means that you should not focus on amount of calories, but try and consume foods that are high in both Macronutrients AND Micronutrients. Most of the time if it comes from the earth like fresh fruits and veggies, then it should be healthy. The more vitamins, minerals, and natural fuel that the food produces, will only benefit you. “Who thinks more is better than less??”

2.) Muscle Density: Big muscles can be cool to some people, but what I’m more worried about is “what can you do with those muscles?” I had a brief lapse, and a friend of mine reminded me that there is a difference between skinny and lean. Throughout my transformation from 1.0 to 3.0 I went from bulky Boomburger to having LEAN MUSCLE. To my understanding you can’t focus on changing the actual density of the muscles in your body per se, but you can focus on overall neuromuscular efficiency and having tightly packed muscles. You can focus on overall strength and power output, and not just mass…especially if half of that mass comes from fat layers around the muscle too. You can gain mass aka “get bigger” from eating lots of garbage and junk food in addition to lifting, but at the end of the day, are you able to athletically out-perform your counterparts in functional activities? I myself prefer to focus on more lean muscle development, full range of motion, flexibility, and mobility. But that’s just me…

**Start watching at 3:45**

3.) Relationship Density: Family, friends, significant others, clients, coaches, trainers, mailman, teachers, barista, pets, etc. In life we have the opportunity of coming in contact with all different kinds of people. Our individual interactions with each and every one of them are to some degree a relationship. My on-going 3.0 journey and quest would have never been possible without ALL my relationships that I’ve had and continue to have. The total number of connections is not important, it is the quality and depth of each exchange that brings more meaning to both of the parties involved. I make a continuing effort to get the most out of life, and that has been accomplished by life lessons learned from everyone including those I love, to even the strangers I meet in the elevator. How “dense” can you make each of your current relationships? Talk more, listen more, question more, ask for advice, give advice (if they want it, lol), set up physical activity dates like a hike or a walk around a park, be thankful and appreciative of their conversation or even just their greeting…smile! Less texting and more calling…better yet, more face to face communication! We all deal with so many of our own stresses and problems, but in the very least we can nurture our relationships and make someone else’s day just a little bit brighter.

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