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I have been getting A LOT of requests for more recipes and meal ideas. The key to staying lean is not only working out and staying active, but proper food choices. The next item, is actually an essential cooking tool that I use every single week. I present to you a CG Essential:

The Steaming Pot!




It seems complicated, but all you need to do is fill up the outer pot with about and inch or two of water, and then the inner slotted pot can be filled with any veggie of your choice: Asparagus, Broccoli, Okra, Spinach, Carrots, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, etc. You can steam till the vegetables get to your desired softness, but I personally try to keep it as close to raw as possible which also retains more nutrients. I like to get a nice quick steam to it so that it becomes warm while still maintaining a crispy snap. Veggies are an awesome snack by itself, or are a great pairing with your lean proteins, and maybe a side of brown rice/quinoa.

Average cooking time: About 5 minutes for water to come to a boil and an additional 5-10 minutes once the water starts to steam the veggies. It really doesn’t that much time at all to make a decent meal, and you can buy the pot for relatively cheap at a bed bath and beyond or your local Asian mart. Also, if you get a bunch of ingredients from the grocery or farmer’s market, you can steam them all in bulk, and prep your lunch/dinner sides for the next few days.


Hope this helps! The more greens you can incorporate into your meals, the faster you will be on your way to a lean and healthy lifestyle. Quick little post after a long, tiring, but eventful Memorial Day Weekend.


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Shoutout to Nicole for making herself a bowl of CG Special! I appreciate all my readers, and love  getting emails, texts, facebook messages, tweets, and instagram love from my posts! Keep em coming please!


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