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Interested in getting in on some 3.0 Outdoor Bootcamps & Workouts? Do you wanna workout with your closest friends? Grab a group of your buddies and shoot me an email at to set up a group session! Email for details!

Super Plank1

2 of my favorite clients…make me laugh, give me headaches sometimes when they gossip together, but always work hard =) [Rowena being Rowena & Floriza doing work!]

 (Shown Above – Bosu Ball and Med Ball Plank Combo – Front Plank Variation)

Summer is here, pools are open, and beach trips are in effect! Are you beach body ready? I’m a big advocate of having a strong base aka core before you progress into gaining more strength or power. Also, please please please stop doing millions of crunches and stick to planks or similar core exercises. **Sidenote: Abs are made in the kitchen!! – Eating cleaner and healthier will get you leaner, ripped, and a flatter belly quicker then just hitting the gym.**

Drive Bosu 1


Slight Work! #3.0

Slight Work! #3.0

 (Shown Above – Double Bosu Ball “Driving Wheel” – Side & Front Plank Combo Variation)

Take 2 Bosu Balls stacked together and then use a platform to elevate your feet. Grab a hold of the outer edges of the inverted top Bosu Ball while maintaining a straight back. Proceed to lean to one side, while keeping your core tight. Control your body and go as far as you can without toppling over. Then, return back to the starting position and repeat on both sides.


I wanna see y’all and your workouts & healthy eating! Tag me, @ reply me, and keep sending me your pics!

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