Strength in Numbers

Old pic of the GamBros post workout around Thanksgiving

Old pic of the GamBros post workout around Thanksgiving


Over the past 2 years, my journey to 3.0 has instilled in me a lot of qualities of independence throughout the process of finding myself. However, the driving factors and influences on my current fitness level were not gained solely on my own behalf. I had help along the way, and without all the people around me, I would not be in the place I am today. Working out requires motivation…some days just a little nudge, and others it feels as though you would need that fire lit under your booty just to get on your feet.

It can be extremely beneficial to have a workout partner, or even a set of partners in a group. Whenever you can get more people on the same page as you, everyone’s combined efforts help you all to simultaneously reach your goals. Also, this can help in keeping each other accountable (**look out for a future post on accountability!**) Fortunately for me, I have 2 Spartan bodied brothers, and a D1 Athlete superstar of a sister that enjoy getting in a workout as much as I do.

So what can you do if you don’t have an immediate partner, best friend, or family member willing to start or pick back up with your fitness goals? Network people! Post up a Facebook status asking for willing participants, tweet people, or just ask around! Share your goals with those around you, to either have people help you on your journey, or possibly even join in. Guys, this is your excuse to walk up to that cute girl and ask if she wants to run with you one time around the monuments. Girls, here’s a way to get your chance to workout and spend time with your David Beckham look a like crush and get a good sweat in.

Still can’t find anyone? Email me! I wrote this blog to hopefully motivate others, and to create a community of fit minded and healthy individuals. You know what motivates me? Seeing others wanting to make a change in their life, and then doing something about it. Shoot me an email with the kind of workouts you enjoy, what area you live in or work in and where you’d be willing to workout, and then from there I can try and match different people up with new partners or groups.

Do I smell online dating service in my near future??? <3 <3 <3

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