What is 3.0?

I’ve been throwing around this 3.0 concept for awhile now. However, to this day I still get the magical questions of “Why 3.0?” or “What is 3.0?”

Time for today’s school lesson!

3.0 [ three – point – oh ]

NOUN: An individual that has overcome a difficult time or any major obstacle.  This accomplishment involves not just the physical feat, but also includes a mental and spiritual transformation as well. This person will be characterized by passion, determination, hard work, and the desire for constant improvement.

VERB: To reach a plateau and then consequently making a decision to want to move past it. Encountering any type of struggle, and using the experience from that conflict as fuel to reach and surpass any goals. To fall flat on your face, but gather enough will power to get back up and   know that anything else in your way shall be taken head on.

3.0 is not just me…it’s you….it’s all of us. It’s NOT about being perfect, it’s about being normal. 3.0 includes those times we plan on working out, but get side tracked and end up not getting ourselves to the gym. It is making an effort to eat clean and eat healthy, but breaking down and getting that red velvet cupcake. But, from there 3.0 is holding yourself accountable for your actions, and then doing something about it. It’s about getting back on track or even getting started. It’s about your health…your physical, mental, and spiritual health. It’s about wanting to have more energy, wanting to not be complacent anymore, wanting to live longer, and wanting to be able to live long enough to see your grand kids get to 3.0 status.

Staying fit can be tough, it can be daunting, and it can be hard finding that extra motivation to get there. My secret is making a list of everything I love…everything or everyone i’m passionate about. You’ll need more energy to give those things 100% of your time and effort, you’ll need your health and longevity to be able to experience those amazing moments longer, and you’ll want to set an example for your kids one day to get the most out of life by going on adventures, not watching them being experienced by others on tv while sitting your ass on the couch.

Get up, get active, get healthy…join the movement movement!


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