Stop Making excuses


Sarah Rain Poster



It’s raining…if the weather was nicer I’d definitely workout.

Oh man, the sun is out right now, but it’s way too hot.

I had a long day at work, I don’t have enough energy to get a good workout in.

I’ll start on Monday…

I made it a goal to inspire as many people as I can to be more active.  No matter what aspect of life you apply it to, hard work will always benefit you. It is AWESOME to see so many people making changes in their lives in terms of eating better, working out more consistently, buying bikes and being more active, and wanting to feel better about their bodies. However, there are still some of you, despite my efforts so far, that still lack motivation to workout. I have even had conversations directly with some of you to know that this fact is true.

Since I am a huge advocate for living life with passion and living it to the fullest, I’m going to focus on a huge motivating factor…your health. You won’t be able to get the most out of life if you lack enough energy to explore new cities or countries while on Vacation. A lot of you that are complacent with your health and fitness level, are in loving relationships. I understand it’s easy to just sit at home with a pint of ice cream and make it a movie night with your honey bun bun, but make one of your dates this weekend an outdoor activity or a date at the gym. If you choose to have kids one day, don’t you want to be able to run around with them in the grass, and have as much energy if not more than them? You should want to savor every single experience life has to offer, and if you have a spare tire around your waist, high blood pressure, and other chronic diseases, you may not live long enough to capture the beauty of life. It is sad to say, but a lot more people are passing away at earlier ages.

3.0 is not just a saying or a phrase…it is a commitment. A commitment to your health, to the ones you love, to the general population. Don’t start on Monday, start on Sunday or hell start today. I know you probably already have a family party, grad party, or date night this weekend. Don’t stop living your life, just have a commitment to making one more healthy and active choice this weekend. Swap one bad meal for a healthier one…even start with replacing a simple candy bar with a healthier snack. Wake up 30 minutes earlier tomorrow and go for a run…you can even start out walking…but invite someone along. Build that momentum into the week, and instead of starting from a complete stop on Monday, get that rolling start so you can get back on track to treating your body the way it deserves.

No regrets…no excuses.


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