Daily Dose Of Inspiration: Breaking The Plateau

What a loser...get it??

What a loser…get it??


The picture above is not from one of my clients, but one of my really good friends. He put in the work, he made the commitment, and he didn’t make any excuses. He had a goal of making some changes in his life, and made a commitment to shedding some pounds. I’m extremely proud of this guy, and his story is one that I think is motivating to everyone in our community.

I asked him to name the top 3 things that he attributed to his steps towards a healthier lifestyle and hitting his goal:

1.) “Gaining confidence was the main motivation. The more pounds I lost the better I felt overall.” This is basically positive reinforcement for yourself. It can sometimes be easier to just accept how things are and be complacent, but once you actually go for something and see results, it pushes you to keep going and continue to see even more results.

2.) He wasn’t afraid of or let his ego get in the way of asking for help. If you want to make a change, and need help or just simple motivation, ask your friends! I made this website because I wanted to help share and spread the idea of healthy living to the WORLD. This is an open community and I urge everyone to start making better decisions.

3.) “I just enjoy working out. It’s like a sport to me.” It’s true that everyone may not share the same philosophy, but one way to get motivated is to challenge yourself and treat working out as a game. There is a lot of gratification in feeling the burn after a good workout, seeing the numbers on the scale drop, and feeling your pants a little bit looser.


Happy Monday ya’ll…whether you had a bad weekend of eating/drinking or did not get in the workouts that you wanted to, let’s get back on that horse and do work this week. We will never dwell on the negatives, but just focus on making as many healthy and active choices we can this week.

***Mini Goal Of The Week***

(We will not count our negatives/dwell on our mistakes/mishaps.) Each time you workout is a +1, Each time you choose a healthier lunch/dinner/snack over fast food is a +1, Each time you do some meditation exercise or yoga to de-stress is a +1.  Goal is to get at least 5 points this week. DO WORK!!!!



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