Old Bay to Golden Bay – Ode to my father

In 1975, my father immigrated from the Philippine Islands to the United States. The first city he landed in was San Francisco, California.  He met up with some of his brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews. He came to the United States to start his professional career as a medical doctor. However, his one opportunity did not come until a few months later, as he scrounged up enough money to catch a flight to Baltimore, Maryland for an interview. With only dollars literally in his pocket, he landed the position. Because of limited funds and no friends or relatives to stay with on the East Coast, he found a small room with an elderly couple. Many of his rather “thrifty” meals consisted of Ramen Noodle packages cooked on a mini hot plate. This is a piece of our family history, this is how he made it, this is how I ended up on the east coast, in the DMV.


One Way Ticket!












It’s been a dream of mine to live in California. Not only am I about to fulfill this dream, but I carry on a part of our family history…I carry on tradition. My father moved from California to the East Coast at the same age I am today.

Opportunity is always present, but never guaranteed…

I know my parents are freaked out and extremely anxious, but I want them to know I will make it. My dad paved the way, he’s taught me many things, but most importantly how to be a man. My work ethic translates from my training, from competition, and now on to real life. It doesn’t get any more real than this.

Wanderlust? Destiny? Fate? Time for change? My move is not based upon beautiful weather or awesome food…my move is based upon my goal for wanting a new challenge…to inspire, motivate, and move an entirely whole new coast. My previous life experiences gained, my faith in God, and my passion for life will empower me for this new journey.

West Coast, CG 3.0 is coming for ya…

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