Stretch Everyday!

Master Jennifer -

Master Jennifer –


I will always be an advocate of functional movements, full range of motion, and flexibility! Some of our goals may be to look better, but never forget how important it is to also feel better and perform better.

Dynamic Stretching – Actively moving joints/muscles through a full range of motion that is utilized for a specific sport/sports. I.E. – Walking Lunges, seeing hurdlers grab onto a fence and swing their legs, even just simple arm swings and kicking your legs out.

Static Stretching – Stretching your muscles while body is at rest/has no movement i.e. bending over and touching your toes and holding for 10 sec

Before my workouts and before my competitions I always perform dynamic stretches and hardly ever static stretches. My stretches typically mimic actions and movements that I will be using for my exercise. In addition to different sources I’ve read pointing to this, I personally have seen the difference and effectiveness of performing dynamic stretches vs static stretches. If I do static stretching only, I feel my muscles are not as primed and ready for the workout or movements I’m about to perform. Static stretching can diminish power before you begin your exercises. I say only do static preworkout if you are extremely sore in a given muscle. Otherwise after done working out, definitely static stretches are the way to go.

Stretch EVERYDAY! Not just your muscles, but your mind, your thinking, your physical capabilities, and your own limitations on what you can do. Read more books, read more blogs (; , try new sports or activities, meet new people, have new goals, and stretch your comfort zone. Don’t get complacent in your routine, despite how “perfect” it may seem to you. In order to truly grow, you have to break out of your shell.

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