Active Recovery

Friday I had a really high intensity workout and performed some heavier full body strength exercises that I haven’t done in some time. Needless to say, my body was definitely aching on Saturday. Usually, when you shock your body it is natural for your body to feel extremely sore 24-48 hours post workout. The natural inclination is to just make the next day your rest day, and refrain from any physical activity all together. The main source of your muscle soreness is the lactic acid build up in your muscles and waiting for you body to repair itself. However, I find that if I do a strenuous workout involving new exercises or ones that I have not done in a while, I will not be able to recover in one day if I just sit on my butt.CouchKnockOut

Active Recovery is essentially performing low intensity steady state exercise more so for the purpose of getting blow flow throughout your body and to reduce the lactic acid build up in your muscles. It seems counter-intuitive to workout the next day after a hard workout, but you are not doing anything of high intensity. Some great active recovery workouts involve easy jogs or walks, biking, yoga, or even dynamic stretching.

Pacifica State Beach (20 Minutes From My House)

Pacifica State Beach (20 Minutes From My House)

Saturday I headed to Pacifica State Beach and was able to do an easy 1 mile jog along the coast line. My time was about 9 minutes, so definitely an easy pace jog which got my blood flowing. I actually felt so good after running, that I was able to get another workout in later that day. I’ve had days before where I try to take a full rest day after a big workout, and I end up staying sore and getting even tighter, which puts me out for sometimes 2-3 days. If you have any questions about this or anything else, as always feel free to email


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