Nothing To Prove

Almost a full month living here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m still feeling blessed and so fortunate for how everything is going, so I need to make sure I do what I can in order to take full advantage of this opportunity. I had my first group bootcamp session last weekend, I start training my first new personal one on one client this week, and started training my little nephew to get ready for his high school season in track. (I told you Bay Area I’m comin!!)

Went to my nephew’s high school Archbishop Riordan, and started our functional strength training inside the high school’s weight room. It’s a glass enclosed room adjacent to the lockers, and as we began our session the football team was there suiting up their pads. High school can be extremely brutal for kids’ ego’s etc. This is where a lot of kids develop complexes and either break through barriers or get broken. Looking back to my high school days, I wish I knew all of the strength and power training that I know now. However, back then, unless you were a big football player it wasn’t likely that you’d be hitting the weights. Also, if I ever did, I knew how self-conscious I would get if I couldn’t lift nearly as much as the big 200+ pound lineman next to me. Therefore you either lifted incorrectly, risking injury, or just avoided the weight room all together.

This DOESN’T just happen in high school. People go to the gym to get fit, to gain muscle/lose fat, and to try to look/feel better. A lot of times, if we’ve never had a friend, older brother, or trainer that taught us how to properly workout to our desired goals, the gym can be a nightmare even today. You gotta drop your ego first and foremost, and evaluate what you know how to do, and what you don’t know how to properly do. If you need help, do not be afraid to ask. Yeah you may have a gym full of douchebags, but there are always people willing to help. Trainers can be helpful, and if they aren’t at your gym feel free to email me with any questions. At the very least I can try to link you up with someone who’s trying to achieve the same goals as you.

When you go to the gym, you have a goal for yourself. This goal is not determined by anyone else in the gym, and unless they completely disregard their own workouts and watch you from beginning to end, no one else will know if you’ve hit your goals or not. You have nothing to prove and should never feel like you have to prove anything to anyone. Get the correct goal for your workout, and always focus on improving yourself within healthy and effective means. A common reason for people failing at their goals, is because they try to seek for immediate results through drastic measures. Everything from your nutrition to your workouts need to be gradual, progressive, and most importantly sustainable. I have a million times more respect for the person that tries to get to their goal and doesn’t quite hit it, rather than the person in the gym who hits the same goals every single day. I measure character of a person through their effort and desire….not by their fashionable Nike outfit, being able to grunt and hit every rep, or already accomplishing their goals.

Nothing to prove to anyone, but yourself. Be a better you for you. Pop in those earphones, visualize your own goal for yourself, head down and just get it done.

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  1. Alice Reply

    Exactly, I concur. I only have to prove to myself and God, that I respect His gift-my temporal body. So far with the help of my Camino to Santiago de Compostela, walking 72 miles in 4 days, I lost 22 lbs. So proud of me.You’re right, at the beginning visiting the gym, I felt a little intimidated. Because I feel comfortable of who I am, I remain focused on my fitness goal and challenge myself, change my lifestyle, eat healthy and nurture wholesome habit and dedicate my daily activities to the glory of God. I was complacent for five years-and now no more. I have taken risks again. When your schedule permits, you should come and visit me here in Sacramento or I make an appointment to meet with you. I am glad you’re enjoying the Bay Area and connecting with your cousin Jonathan. Take Care.

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