How I used the “F” word to lose weight and get in shape


Nutrition is a HUGE part of the ever changing quest for people to lose weight and to becoming healthier and more fit. However, with the hundreds of diets and scientific methods for achieving your goals, it can be extremely daunting and difficult to get the results you want. Of course there are some simple concepts that we can always try and stick to…eat your veggies, proper intake of protein, and trying to stay away from processed foods. How did I turn my eating habits around and start having a more improved nutritional lifestyle?

I started looking at foods differently…my body is a machine, and in order for this machine to work properly, it needs the proper fuel. Whether you’re a fighter, an athlete, or even a mom taking care of kids, if you’re “running on empty,” or if you continually put crap into your body, you will literally feel the effects. Let’s say you want to run a marathon, or better yet, let’s say you want to just walk around the park. Now before you do either of these, try eating a nice MSG filled dish from your local Chinese carry out. “Itis” kick in yet? How sluggish do you usually feel? The only marathon you’ll want to be a part of is the Walking Dead marathon on TV.

Mental strength will be as important as physical strength when it comes to your health. Some of you have the nutrition part down, but many of us need a place to start. I will always preach gradual and progressive improvements to your routine, so as to avoid crashing and falling off. Putting your health into proper perspective will help you start your journey towards a new and improved you. Fuel your body with as many earth grown and nutrient filled foods as possible and you’ll maintain enough energy to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Come on now…treat your body like the high end machine that it is…you are a high end Maseratti… Audi! Not some old rusty weed whacker collecting dust in the back of your garage.


The end concept of this commercial may not fit, but the way the people are reacting to the lady “fueling up” is how I feel when I see people leave the gym, and then head straight to the fast food drive through to get their soda and greasy fried gunk fix. LOL



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