Where to start for your 2014 Fitness/Health Routine: 10 tips for getting to YOU 3.0

1.) Embrace Your Imperfections

– You’re not, you won’t be, and will never be perfect. Sometimes we forget to tell ourselves that. We put ourselves through guilt and anxiety when we fall off track from our perfect diet, or our perfect routine, etc. You must account for error, mistakes, and slip-ups. Most importantly, you can’t let one of these bad days or weeks; affect your entire journey towards being healthy.

– We are all human, and even though I try to come off as the 3.0 Beast with everything I post, even I myself have my not so great days. Days I over indulge, days I feel lazy and don’t feel like working out, and days where sometimes my goals feel too daunting.

2.) Progress

– We should always strive for improvement; however the only way to measure improvement is to have some sort of standard to measure against. Create benchmarks/starting points and work at improving those numbers

– Have you already been lifting weights, but seen a plateau? Are you doing the same amount of sets, same amount of reps, and same weight every single time? Try progressive overload: Do one more set, maybe one more rep, or increase the weight gradually.

-Running: Do you run the same distance in the same amount of time? Try increasing the distance ran OR try running the same distance, but finish it faster.

3.) Drink Plenty of Water/Get Plenty of Rest

– It’s crucial for us to stay hydrated especially if we want to prep our bodies for working out, for flushing out toxins, and can help with satiety too

– Stop staying up late, get your rest, and have more energy for your workouts. Your body will function better as well, and will be less likely to pack on extra lbs.

4.) Start Slow

– Baby steps…Don’t go crazy and try to do too much all at once. I have always and will always preach the idea of sustainability. What little things can you incorporate here and there that you can foresee yourself doing not just in your 30 day starts, but for the rest of your life? Life style changes people!

– I see it all the time…people eat nothing but salads and try to do hours of cardio every day. They go into these crazy ass routines, which yes are effective at first, but there comes a time where it’s so extreme and far off from their normal routine that it just comes to a sudden halt, and sometimes they yo-yo or regress to a worse state then when they started.

5.) No More Crabs

– My Baltimore people just read this and died. Seafood crabs are definitely great, but what I mean by crabs is the old crabs in the bucket mentality. (You put a bunch of crabs in a bucket, and they will all try to escape. However, you’ll notice when one reaches the top, the others on the bottom pull the highest crab back down to their level). We need to be supportive of each other in all of our own personal journeys. Stop being haters, and stop criticizing others’ especially just because they may be not be taking the same route as you.

– Everyone has different motivating factors and things that work for them. We need to build a community instead of tearing each other down. Help others get over that hump, to the top of the wall, and from there we’ll pull each other to the top together.

– I’ve already seen people criticize the “January joiners.” Instead of bashing them, be supportive and encourage them to stick it out as long as you have. The more the merrier! Lift weights and lift each other up! Who knows, one day these “newbies” might be your future lifting partner or perhaps your new boyfriend girlfriend! Woop woop. =P

6.) See Your Doctor

– When’s the last time you had a physical? When’s the last time you had your blood pressure checked? When’s the last time you’ve gotten any blood work done? One of your first priorities is to schedule a checkup to see what the current status of your health is.

7.) Weights

– In order to get a lean fit body, you need lean muscle which helps to boost your metabolism and burn even more fat. Combine your cardio routines with resistance training. Grab some weights and resistance bands, because you won’t be able to as effectively produce lean musculature unless you add that weighted stress to your body.

8.) Context

– Take EVERYTHING you read from me, other fitness experts, or just anything you read or hear into context. There will always be caveats and exceptions depending on the specific situation. I try to address issues geared towards the general population, but there are some that are in less shape or more advanced shape than the status quo. As a personal trainer I create programs specifically to each individual’s goals, because what may work for one person will not always work for the next.

– For example, I will have a future post about nutrition and importance of eating more protein. Some people already eat enough protein, and some may be way under. I might talk about carbs and having the optimal amount. Some people may have fat loss or weight loss goals, and some may be trying to gain weight or muscle mass.

– If you ever have any questions about any topics I post with regards to your personal goals, never hesitate to email me.

9.) Take Plenty of Selfies

  1. There are some studies that show that taking pics of yourself in your gym outfit, during your workouts, or flexing post workout will dramatically increase your chances of hitting your goals =P
  2. You must follow suit to those competing in #selfieolympics or #And1Selfieleague: http://www.buzzfeed.com/tracyclayton/the-best-extreme-selfies

10.) Have Fun

– Never take yourself too seriously. Yes it’s good to have goals for better health, self-improvement, and to some degree wanting to look better. However, when it comes to the point where you hate life, are miserable, and just are not having fun, then you need to re-focus and prioritize what is you really want…need out of life.


I have plenty of other tips for starting your journey, but I’m trying to make my posts more concise this year. Again, if you have any questions feel free to email me CG@ChristopherGamboa.com.

Be on the lookout for future posts about nutrition, my personal macros, workout routine ideas, mental health/psychological health, IIFYM vs Bro Science vs Paleo, girls lifting weights, best of the best selfies, equipment, etc.

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