Update on CGIII.0’s Life: 21 Jump Street


Special shout out to the Archbishop Riordan Crusaders Track Coaching Staff and Squad. We gonna run things this year…literally bwoy!!!!!











When I first moved out here to the San Francisco Bay Area, I hardly knew anyone. I wanted to get as much experience as I could right away, so I took on the task of helping my nephew, a senior in high school, train for his upcoming track and field season. The track and field team already had an off-season strength and conditioning program that they ran with the kids, but I asked if I could train my nephew myself. His coaches at first were understandably hesitant with letting some random trainer start a different program with one of their athletes. However, fast forward to 3 months later and I am extremely happy with the feedback and response I’ve gotten from the coaches. They actually approached me and noted that they’re seeing a lot more power and explosion coming from my nephew and we’re all excited to see the results of our work for the season starting in a few weeks. He has yet to break 20 feet in the long jump (his best event) and we’re looking to smash that this year!

I went hiking with a friend this weekend, and she asked me why would I leave my hometown, where I was so deeply rooted with friends and a strong network of potential clients? I mentioned that I was comfortable there, which is exactly why I wanted to leave. I wanted a challenge, and at the same time I have so much faith and belief in my program, coaching and training abilities, that there would not be a better way to prove it.

You gotta let your conviction literally strengthen yourself to the point that no matter how hard the journey is, your results will be a favorable outcome. I try to stress putting 2,000% into every aspect of life, to avoid wasting a single gift given to you. Life is f#$^%& beautiful man, and pursuing everything you are passionate about is the epitome of living.



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