Nutrition: Part 1 – CGIII.0 General Take on Nutrition [INCLUSIVE vs. EXCLUSIVE]


Inclusive vs. Exclusive

Your focus for nutrition will be on introducing and eating more specific types of foods, as opposed to focusing on eliminating or refraining from eating certain types of foods: essentially eating more to lose more.

Let me know if these sound familiar:

“For the next 30 days I’m not going to eat any chocolate”

“No Fast Food until my Wedding”

“I’m going to cut out all carbs until I lose about 10lbs”

“Only salads for every meal starting today until my Cancun trip!”

Why not exclude specific items that we may inherently know are bad for us?

Yes it’s true that eliminating some of these things MAY help you lose weight (not guaranteed), but the dangers of a restrictive diet for me personally are the psychological impacts that they have.

It is simple economics my friends; when supply decreases, demand increases. We tend to want what we can’t have, and by forcing ourselves to a restrictive diet our attention for those items on the “do not eat list” becomes heightened. We have to rely on willpower to keep from eating them, and our relationship with that naughty treat becomes unhealthy. Also, the likelihood of bingeing may increase. And finally, let us take the scenario where you become “weak” or you end up “cheating.” This opens the door for you saying to yourself “Oh man I F#$%#$% up, this is so hard, I give up.” That one Oreo you weren’t supposed have could lead to the whole bag. It could also lead to you literally hating yourself or putting yourself in a negative state of energy, thus possibly taking away from any physical activity you should be doing or just a simple decrease in mental health.

When I was competing in TaeKwonDo I had to cut down to a certain weight, and my nutrition was not nearly as on point as it is today. I would go out with friends on the weekends and they saw how miserable I was as they ate dinner or were having snacks on my “can’t eat list.” I’ve been there people, and know the mental drain, the weekend cheat meals that turn into binges, and the damage I’ve done from being at extreme caloric deficits for prolonged periods.

Do not be afraid my peoples…we will stop starving ourselves, open up our range of food selection, and have healthier relationships with food!

What’s next?

Notice how I didn’t touch on the inclusive items; this is just the first of the series of posts about proper nutrition. We all know to eat your fruits and veggies, have a healthy balance of protein for your meals, and drinking plenty of water. We will focus on fueling our bodies with the correct amount of macro and micronutrients, in moderation, so as to optimize our bodies not only for performance and health, but aesthetically as well. (Trynna get right fo tha summa!!)

I will touch upon more CGIII.0 Principles of Nutrition such as the topics of:

–          Moderation

–          Bro Science and Re-defining “clean eating”

–          Expanding past Brown Rice, Sweet Potatoes, and Chicken Breast

–          CGIII.0 Adaptation of IIFYM (If it fits your macros/flexible dieting)

–          Understanding Caloric Intake and Energy Balance

–          BMR/Maintenance Calories/TDEE

–          Macro Nutrient Goals

–          And more…

All of these Nutrition posts will build upon one another, and hopefully by consolidating them I can deliver as much information as I can, without overwhelming.

Keep the emails coming people and thank you to all those who share my website and Facebook with others! I love you all and let’s all hit our goals together.

Stay Tuned for Part 2!

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