Preview to Nutrition Series Part 2: “Cutting Season”




I know I’ve been slacking on the blog updates, but I was too busy hauling miles of steel chain with my teeth and doing shirtless burpees on broken shards of glass.

My fitness journey is an ongoing process, and even more so is my journey as a personal trainer. As I gain more experience, I am also gaining more knowledge. I used to be a proponent of “clean eating” and “no days off.”

As I’ve mentioned before, you must always take everything into context and realize that not everyone is training for the National Championships in Taekwondo. I used to dedicate my weeks to 2-a-day workouts, put myself through extreme caloric deficits, and only eat from a restrictive list of “CG3.0 approved” foods.

As a result, I would have days where I went to sleep starving, my reward/cheat meals sometimes turned into cheat days or better yet cheat weekends, and I also suffered metabolic damage.

My series of nutrition is meant to educate you as best as I can about the foundations and principles of nutrition, potential pitfalls of certain mindsets, and most importantly create a realistic lifestyle for people where we have a more positive relationship with food.

As you’ll begin to see I am on a quest to show the world the true meaning of #LIVIN


-CG3.0 signing out


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