How To Calculate your BMR and TDEE

Remember that we don’t want to focus on counting calories, but we need to understand exactly how many calories our bodies need to stay alive (BMR) and how many calories we need to sustain our daily activity and energy needs (TDEE).

If we don’t eat enough calories, our body will eventually adapt and start storing our body fat to compensate for you starving yourself.  At the same token, you may be eating all “Clean” or “Healthy” foods, but it’s possible for clean eaters to be consuming way beyond their needs.

Picture via Instagramfitness

Picture via Instagramfitness

Feel free to calculate this yourselves to see what your numbers are. Also, there are many online calculators that make it easier for you to just plug in numbers.

*Activity factors and/or lean body weight numbers may not be exact, but neither will your TDEE. Try and calculate different scenarios and get a running average. You can always monitor your weight loss to know if you are too far under your TDEE or above if bulking.

** If you’re cutting agressively at 20% under your TDEE it’s roughly about a 350 calorie deficit (below your TDEE) per day. If  1lb of fat = 3500 Calories, therefore every 10 days you should be losing 1lb of fat.

******* Yes multiple stars for those that want to fit into that wedding dress or want to see immediate results. Don’t be an A-Hole or Jack-a$$ and go more than 20% under your TDEE. The closer you get to your BMR calories, the more susceptible you will be to slowing down your metabolism and in turn lowering your actual TDEE calories. Your body is smart, it will adapt. This is why people see results quickly in their crash diets, but eventually plateau, weight loss stalls, and sometimes they end up gaining more weight after.

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