Numbers Don’t Lie

Numbers Don't Lie



I was back home in Baltimore for the entire month of February. The last week before leaving I made it a point to get my blood pressure checked AND get blood work done.


Best Blood Pressure reading I’ve ever had AND my cholesterol levels are “OPTIMAL.” This is after re-introducing white/starchy carbs and allowing myself to enjoy comfort foods, sweets, and treats in moderation. I have no “cheat meals,” because almost every single gram of Protein, Fat, and Carb is accounted for…whether its from fruits and veggies or from ice cream and in n out burgers.

[ I eat 145-155g of Protein per day/ 180-220g of Carbs per day/ 40-50g of Fat a day. ]

I will never force a Vegan to eat eggs.

I will never force a Vegetarian to eat red meat.

I will never force a Paleo person to eat whole grains.

However, I STRONGLY URGE that with whatever lifestyle that you have adopted, please please know how much of each macronutrients you are consuming. Paleo people, how many servings and grams of fat are you taking in? When I tried it, looking back I was exceeding 100g of fat from the avocado, peanut butter, egg yolks, and coconut oil/olive oil. Vegetarians and Juicers, are you getting enough protein? It doesn’t have to be from meat, but make sure you get enough protein for lean muscle preservation. Another thing with Paleo, and clean eating, if I ever “cut carbs” I was staying away from whole grains which per serving contain the most amount of fiber. I did not consume enough broccoli or beans to hit enough fiber.

Hit your macros, (Fiber too), exercise regularly, treat yo self, and start #Livin!!!

DonBloodP.S. Get your Bloodwork, blood pressure, and physicals people!!!


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