Don’t Put The Pan De Sal On A Pedestal

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I always preach the recurring theme of everything in moderation. I will never criticize anyone for omitting certain foods from their diets, especially if its due to religious, health, or personal preferences. HOWEVER, there are many people who place certain sweets, comfort foods, or even carbs in general on a very high pedestal. Problems arise when you place extreme restrictions on certain foods, because you are in belief that any amount of it will lead to immediate weight gain.

When you completely eliminate something that you crave even the slightest bit, your mind actually places more attention on that certain item. Our relationships with these foods become unhealthy and obsessive. We begin to create an association with these off limit foods in our minds with the idea that it will be a rare thing to ever consume that food. Consequently, like an addictive drug, when we are exposed to the off limit item, we binge and mentally break down because of an inability to reach both physical, but more so mental satisfaction.

Once our will power runs out, we cave in, and in turn acquire immediate feelings of guilt, shame, and remorse. Our relationship with food thus becomes increasingly unhealthy, and our mental sanity suffers right along with any physical weight gain. The key is not running away from our problems, but learning how to manage them and dealing with them responsibly through proper knowledge.

*Quick Tip: One way to keep from over indulging in certain foods is to try never to just reach your hand into an open bag. Look for the serving size (for example Girl Scout Samoas/1 serving = 2 cookies) Take out 1 maybe 2 servings depending on what else you ate that day or will eat that day, and place that aside for you to eat. Then, put the container of treats/snacks away. You’ll be more likely to feel satisfied sooner when you see that your certain portion is gone, as opposed to seeing the open bag full of food, and continue to be tempted to reach in again and again.


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