CG3.0 Executive Client – Progress Spotlight


Client chooses to remain anonymous


Extremely proud of my client for all the work he’s put in towards his health and fitness. I tried asking him for some before pictures, but his response: “I was always too embarrassed with my body to ever be caught in a picture without my shirt on.”

He’s been applying my flexible dieting principles, stays on track with the macronutrient ratio plan I provided, hits the gym hard on a new strength/weight training program we created, and is in the best shape of his life.

Did I mention that he is in his mid-thirties? He’s in better shape now than most 20 year old’s I know. We’ve slowly been increasing his calories every 2-3 weeks, increasing his weight loads in the gym, and is continuing to lose weight and pants’ sizes. He is a high level executive manager, so therefore he needs to invest all of his time outside of working very efficiently. He does not sacrifice living a normal life and enjoying all that life has to offer.

The flexible dieting program does not have him focus on eating “cheat foods,” processed foods, or fast foods. Simply, it gives him the flexibility and freedom to be able to eat these types of foods, especially when out with clients, all while still maintaining a six pack.


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