The New Way to Meal Prep, 3.0 Style!


I want ya’ll to be completely honest…not just with me, but with yourselves. Have you ever binged before at least once in your life? Whether it was at a family party, at a buffet, or perhaps just one weekend when the opening of a fresh pack of cookies resulted in an empty package of cookies.

If you’ve never binged, had a cheat meal, or eaten in excess of what you had originally planned, then you can probably stop reading here.

My meal prep will seem extremely counterintuitive. It may be hard to believe that I would endorse the following tactics. However, I’m on a quest to expand how people view their health, and establish proper foundations of nutrition. My goal is to help society regain positive relationships with food and understand basic nutritional principles which will help them not only achieve their health and fitness goals, but maintain them for years to come.

STEP 1: Gather or purchase any snack that you have or potentially would binge on if you were starving and had an open bag just laying around.

STEP 2: Instead of going on my Macronutrient rant and have you calculate the Fat, Carb, and Protein values, in this instance i’m just going to have you focus on one thing: Serving Size


Safeway Brand Samoas (Trust me they’re just as good)

Thin Mints (Thank you troop #90210)

Thin Mints (Thank you troop #90210)

STEP 3: Take this moment to analyze the serving size for your designated snack of choice. The reason I’m having you do this is because of the skewed perception of serving sizes and portions that Americans have especially from when we eat out at restaurants or order fast food. I personally was shocked when seeing that 1 serving of the fake me out Samoas was only 2 cookies. I know there have been many a times I’ve had 10+ servings in one sitting.

STEP 4: Portion out 1 serving of each snack into individual ziplock snack bags. This will be especially helpful if you buy in bulk at Costco, or if you get weak in the knees for an entire box of girl scout cookies or other snacks.

1/2 serving of Thin Mints + 1/2 serving of Safeway Samoas

Each bag contains 1/2 serving of Thin Mints + 1/2 serving of Safeway Samoas


I’m not saying that you shouldn’t prep healthy meals for lunch, but I feel that the part where we fail in our diets is not because we neglected to have one more salad or healthy meal, but because when it came to the weekend, we overindulged in our cheat meals or have 10+ servings worth of snacks. This can sometimes equate to 2-3 times our recommended intake for a single day.

I’d rather you have 1 serving of “bad food,” every so often, as opposed to eating clean Monday through Friday, and having a week’s worth of snacks/cheat meals in one day or one sitting…aka binge eating. My 3.0 meal prep helps to control your urges and learn moderation of your intake.

You shouldn’t run away from your problems, but rather learn how to manage them and deal with them effectively.

I used to be there… I was a clean eater advocate who preached it as a lifestyle and the need for sacrifice and restricting yourself from treats. I’m not saying you have to or should eat processed foods, fatty meals, or decadent sweets…but if there are certain foods that you dream about or love eating, extreme restriction from them typically can lead to binges, eating disorders, and unhealthy relationships with food.

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