The worst question to ask when it comes to your health?

**I am making an effort to deliver my posts in the same way I program my own training. I try to keep frequency as consistent/high as possible, but will vary the volume/load…in this case today I’m going switch it up on you with a less lengthier post than normal.**

We always ask the wrong question when it comes to our health. The fitness industry has many trends that pop up daily including new workouts, diets, and products. The usual question someone asks immediately is: Does it Work?

A lot of things work…

I think this question makes us miss the point, and in many cases does more harm then benefit for our health.

The best question to ask is: Is it optimal?

  • There is proper form and technique for a lot of lifts. If we lift it off the ground, yes that particular technique “worked,” but did you make yourself more susceptible to injury by doing so? Is there a more optimal technique?
  • I’ve been seeing a lot of juice cleanse posts recently and meal replacement shakes. You’re trying to lose weight…yes you lost weight so these shakes “worked,” but can you sustain this lifestyle both physically and mentally? Is this optimal nutrition for your metabolism?
  • I will never criticize anyone for making the effort to workout. However, a lot of people are signing up for marathons and races, and their workouts consist of only running. They are losing weight initially, so yes in that sense it’s working…but is it optimal and sustainable for long term health or fat loss?

The question of whether or not something is optimal can be very subjective and like every single post, I try to mention that everything must be taken into context. There are no wrong or right answers at this time per se…just giving you some food for thought before you are ready to hop on your next fitness routine/diet plan/etc.

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