Tips For Making Counting Macros Easier (Flexible Dieting)

It can be tough at first getting into flexible dieting and counting your macros. However, after doing it for so long, it becomes 2nd nature to an extent. Think of it in this way:

When you first learn how to type on a computer, it is very weird trying to find the right key, and you’re constantly looking down at the keyboard. However, after practicing it for a bit, i’m sure everyone can now type away long paragraphs with their eyes closed.

Aside from following the rule that practice makes perfect here are a few tips that will make your Macro counting and journey to your ideal lean muscular body much easier:

1.) Prioritize Protein

The #1 problem that most people tell me they have is hitting their protein numbers. It can get overwhelming somedays trying to figure out what to eat for every single meal, and trying to calculate it all out. If anything just start by getting used to understanding/measuring out servings sizes of various proteins. Once you have the protein down for your meal, from there you can just throw a side dish/veggie alongside with it.

**There’s a huge misconception that eating lots of protein will make you bulky. Protein does help build muscle, but unless you are overeating in total calories, the protein helps preserve lean muscle that you already have which is especially important when on a diet and trying to cut fat.

2.) “Debit Card Principle”

Think of counting macros as having 3 debit cards every single day. 1 for protein, 1 for carbs, and 1 for fat. Every day you have a limit on each of those “cards,” and in terms of optimal fat loss and body composition, spending that exact amount allotted each day will get you to your goal faster/more effectively.

You can fill those cards with low caloric carbs like veggies or high caloric carbs like gummy bears. Just know that if you choose the lower carb version you can have more volume, and if you choose to treat yourself once in awhile, you’ll be at your “card limit” a lot sooner so just be careful.

3.) Eat out strategically

Cooking your own meals instead of eating out will most likely easily get you a lot leaner in general. However, we all know that there’s a huge social and mental component to eating out especially on weekends with friends or with that guy/girl you’re dating.

There are some restaurants that have their nutritional information for meals posted on their website. Chipotle, for example, is one of them and has been my SAVIOR. I honestly eat at chipotle sometimes 5 times a week. They have an online calculator where you can see the macros based on what you order:

Even if a restaurant doesn’t have any nutrition facts listed, you can at least peek at their menu and try and get an estimate of which dishes may have the best protein, fat, carb ratio to what you should be allotted for that day.

A lot more people have been hitting me up about counting macros, and I love being able to share my knowledge and experience with them. I firmly stand behind this way of eating, because for me personally it gives me flexibility, I have the best relationship with food I’ve ever had, I don’t feel guilt or anxiety when going out with friends and occasionally treating myself to foods over my macros, and as a result I have the body composition and muscular definition that I want without having to be obsessed about going to the gym or extreme diet restrictions.

If anyone needs help getting started or has any other tips hit me up!

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