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I created this blog in September of 2012 with the purpose of sharing my story in hopes that it would motivate and inspire others towards healthier lifestyles. However, the fitness industry can be fu#%&$ up, and I’ve seen it first hand along with my own journey towards being healthy.

This is horrible...SMH

This is horrible…SMH

I’ve lost weight before, but in the process destroyed my metabolism, ruined my relationship with food, and almost questioned continuing this path in the world of fitness.


That was then, this is now. Over the span of 2 years I’ve experienced exponential growth largely due to my migration to opposite coasts, having the opportunity to coach some amazing clients along the way, and constant analysis/modification of my training methodologies. This blog is one of my main mediums for delivering my messages. I’m passionate about my writings, and I believe anyone that has a platform also has a responsibility to give solid information without misleading.

Culture & Community

Dieting becomes ever so popular during the summer months. I cringe at the current state of society’s view on diet, and specifically on our skewed outlook in handling food. Many a people’s first inclination when first starting is to automatically assume that they should focus on ELIMINATION. “I’m going to cut out carbs, I’m going to give up sweets, I’m going to stop eating out.” When you have extremely restrictive diets, it actually does you worse, because in turn your focus on those items that you eliminated actually increases. This is why we have uncontrollable cravings, need those infamous cheat meals, and then end up having entire cheat days or weekends. That is what you would call BINGE EATING.

Sexy bread model of a roomate

Sexy bread model of a roomate

It’s not food selection/quality that is making our nation obese, its food quantity. We have a skewed perception of adequate serving sizes and are miseducated in terms of how much of certain foods we should or can have. I hate seeing articles on “fat burning foods” or “super foods!” We are taught that brown rice, avocados, bananas, olive oil, coconut oil, and almond butter are foods we need to immediately start eating. What they don’t tell us is how much we should have, and that eating all of those together especially in one day is just maybe what’s making us plateau and/or fatter.

My dad taught me a lot of things, and one of the biggest things he instilled in me was to never run away from your problems. We don’t need to avoid sweets and indulgences like the plague, but rather learn how to responsibly deal with their intake in moderation. Food is a huge component of so many cultures. Go to any Greek, Italian, or Filipino household just for example. Chances are not only will there be food already prepared, but probably will be in the middle of cooking. The essence of their culture…the essence of their family is literally one of the main ingredients in those dishes. They will make you sit down and offer you food. I get that you’re trying to eat “healthy,” but by denying their hospitality due to your restrictive diet, you are essentially slapping them in the face.

I LOVE food and always have…always will. When I first started as a trainer, I didn’t know how to justify eating those indulgences or sweet treats. I would mask it under the guise of cheat meals or rather reward meals. I honestly went through my Instragram and deleted some of my food pics. Now if you go to my personal Facebook, you’ll see I have a ‘SF Food Journal’ that I post on purpose. I want people to understand that you can go about living life in a healthy manner all while still enjoy different types of foods. The social aspect of food and sharing of a meal with those you care about become affected when dieting becomes too extreme.

I have these nutrition series because I want people to be educated
– I want people to stop feeling guilty or have anxiety for eating certain foods
– I want people to reclaim healthier relationships with food
– I want people to avoid all the self deprecating attitudes and calling themselves “fatties”
– I want people to truly embrace the communal aspect of food, because in so many cultures it’s the main staple in bringing people together
– I want people to understand that dieting doesn’t have to be about suffering and obsessively denying yourself

I’d rather people not even start dieting and exercising first, but to begin by learning to love yourself. Especially when some of these diets actually end up leading to eating disorders, body image issues, and emotional destruction. Live yo life, love yo self!

Michelle Obama, holla at me!

If you have questions always feel free to email! Thank you all who read my blog, and for everyone that reaches out!

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