Proof is in the Pudding – No Running

I just celebrated my 29th bday in LA where I got to watch the Crossfit Games live. The weekend was full of inspiring moments, and happy to see the direction where my 3.0 Training and Coaching is headed. The best presents I’ve received came in the form of replies from those that I’ve coached, influenced, and taught. It is always a great feeling to receive validation that the information you give is both helpful and effective.


People are always on different journeys of losing weight, becoming healthier, and trying to look good. Many a times their first inclination to achieve their goals is to start running and eat clean. I will focus less on the clean eating/diets and more on the running aspect. I believe running (long aerobic/endurance workout) has its place in fitness, but is NOT the optimal choice when considering primarily fat loss goals.


Brother Paul is 78 years old and strength training is serving him well. When I coach clients and give advice, I do not recommend running unless it is truly something you enjoy. The program I always put people on involves counting your macros (while getting enough fruits/veggies/fiber) in addition to weight/resistance training. Resistance training (body weight is also resistance) is the key to developing lean muscle, proper feeding and nutrition helps to retain that lean muscle, which all in turn creates a more effective and optimal metabolism for fat loss.


I want people to stop misconstruing the notion that weights will make you bulky. Lifting weights AND overeating is what will. The heavier I lift the leaner my waist gets. Also, it’s not all about looking good, but feeling good as well. Having a convo with Heidi above who is a pediatrician at the hospital with crazy hours while being on their feet all day.

**Each individual is different. Especially considerations for those with smaller mass/bodies, may need to incorporate slightly more cardio than those that are larger. However, I recommend the majority of your workouts should be strength based. Metabolic/HIIT circuits can be thrown in here and there as well. Also, walking the dog or walking around the park is a wonderful habit to pick up. I just see too many people developing joint problems, spending hours on hours doing cardio, and not enough focus on developing lean musculature.**

Add more iron in your lives =)

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