The Gym: The Modern Day High School Cafeteria

Walk into your gym and much like the weights and exercise equipment are divided into sections, so too are the members. I guess naturally people gravitate towards people of similar interests, and that is fine. However, the issue I have is when people begin to criticize others for not training the same way they are.

Everyone trains for different reasons, and yes even though it might not be optimal to perform different kinds of training movements for your specific goals, it still does not give you the right to look down on others.

I have a dream…that one day crossfitters will perform bicep curls to increase the cross sectional area of their muscle, bodybuilders will take a yoga class to improve range of motion in order to promote more muscle recruitment, treadmill and elliptical devotees will squat and deadlift heavy weight without fear of becoming bulky and to improve their metabolic capacity, power lifters will run 3, 4, 5, 6+ miles in a given week to increase their cardiovascular health, and to run a 5K at the end of the month.


One issue as of late emerged with the birth of Crossfit. Crossfitters get huge heat sometimes for their style of training, but it is the same concept in terms of any service provided by any company. One weekend I could have the best uber/taxi driver ever, and the very next day, I might have a crazy driver who runs every red light and tries to run over pedestrians.

Not every gym has the same coaches, just like not every martial art school has the same caliber of instructors/masters, just like not every store/business has the same quality of managers. This is why I drove almost 2 hours sometimes from Northern Virginia to Bel Air Maryland to train at the US Taekwondo Academy. This is why I now drive from San Francisco down to San Jose once a week to train with my cousins at Crossfit X-treme Athletics.

People get too focused on what other people are doing. Just mind your own damn business, and train. Stop criticizing others and especiallly stop looking down on anyone. It’s like when MMA first started, a lot of fighters were one dimensional. Now it has evolved to the top people training in every single aspect from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and wrestling, to Muy Thai and boxing. Why not adopt this philosophy for fitness? You may not have to do all the different styles available, but at the very least just be open to it.

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