Bloggers always have the big challenge of trying to keep their posts consistent, me included. Life’s been very eventful which is a most positive problem. I have picked up a surge of online clients in the past 2 months and everyone is progressing quite nicely! I am encouraging them (and you) to keep strength training up and lift heavy.

People have very short attention spans, so I’m sure a bulleted list might serve best for this post:

– I don’t actively advertise my online services on this site or social media, because I work off word of mouth and because I want to keep my total number of clients at a manageable number so that I can pay more attention to each person.

Counting Calories or Counting Macros? At the end of the day it will ALWAYS come down to calories in vs calories out (burn more calories than you consume). HOWEVER, by sticking to your designated Macro ratios you’re more likely to retain lean muscle and have a more favorable body composition. AND, because each macro has its own calorie value (1g Carb = 4 cals, 1g protein = 4 cals, 1g Fat = 9cals), by hitting your macros you are hitting your caloric deficit by default. ***Macros if done correctly will be based off calculating your baseline/deficit daily calories first anways*** [P.S. – I’ll try to post further about this topic on a future post]

– Obsessive and restrictive diets are not good…at the very same token, overly obsessing about counting your macros are not good either. If it fits your normal routine/lifestyle then I encourage you to try it. I usually take breaks on weekends, but have done it for so long that I’ve gotten very good at estimating on the fly and just keeping a general range.

– *Quick Tip* – Measuring out protein is usually the trickiest and can be time-consuming. You can either just look for labels that have an even weight like 1lb and then just divide the entire package up by 4 and you have 4 equal servings without having to measure. Another way to make things easier is to start eyeballing. I typically buy the same kinds of meats from the same grocery. I used to weigh my chicken breasts (for example) every single time, but instead of doing that, weigh about 4 or 5 separate breasts assuming they’re all the same brand and just set an average weight for that type of chicken. So next time I buy that chicken, I’ll just use that same number for calculating without having to measure. Yes it’s not completely accurate, but unless you are competing for the Olympia no need to be so exact. Less time weighing…more time Livin!

– I had a conversation with a G.I. doctor about probiotics. I am big on preaching against needing supplements, unless you really really need it. (I don’t use whey protein and rarely use preworkout). HOWEVER, I started taking a daily probiotic supplement for about a week, and already saw a significant difference in my digestive health aka bowel movement 10x more regular!

I apologize for the randomness of bulleted points and even more apologetic for my delay in posts. My goal has always been and will always be to provide as much information to the general population without having to charge anything and to promote healthy physical, mental, and spiritual Livin!

Please do not hesitate to reach out!


C.G. 3.0



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