Is Being Too Productive, Making You Less Productive?

As a coach, I am big on one huge term: EFFICIENCY. I’m always looking to analyze efficient movement patterns in the gym, maintain efficient nutrition protocols in the kitchen, and adopt habits for optimal efficiency in the workplace.

Today we will take a step out of the gym and venture back into where a lot of people’s problems begin. Less efficiency in the workplace not only may lead to less potential income, but can lead to an undue increase of stress and fatigue. Elevated levels of stress will in turn harm your immune system, affect performance in the gym, and decrease your body’s ability to recover.

Here are 2 simple tips I’ve personally adopted which have increased my efficiency tenfold after implementing them towards my work & business:

[“If Everything is a Priority, Then Nothing is a Priority”]

I’m going to already assume that you have some sort of structure for how you attack your daily tasks for work and for life: Post It Notes, Outlook Calendar, iCal, At-A-Glance/DayMinder Planners, To Do List Notepad, etc. (If you are not utilizing any of these, I highly suggest you get on it).

If you make everything on your to do list critical, not only will you overwhelm yourself with anxiety, but you will not be managing your time effectively towards tackling the main issues. Not to be punny, but if your plate is full, then you will not be able to invest 100% of your needed energy for those priorities. Also, placing some items on the back burner will open up more time for #Livin, and give your mind and body that needed rest and ability to unwind and de-stress.

[Do Not Check Email Every Minute]

We live in an age where everyone is glued to their phone and/or computer. We are victims of notifications, and if we are not careful, it can take away from work and #Livin. Email’s DO NOT need to be read immediately upon receiving them. Also, not only do they not need to be read they most certainly do not need to be responded to immediately.

If you are one of those people that check your email every second, maybe try only checking it at the top of every hour. Eventually you can get to the point where you’re only checking it every 2-3 hours or if lucky enough every 4-6 hours. Instead of having mail come in instantaneously set up a delayed fetch on your phone for either on the hour or manually.

I utilized this exact tip, and already noticed an exponential difference in how much more work I was able to do, and how much stress decreased at the same time.


Drop the OCD and be content with having multiple notifications!

Drop the OCD and be content with having multiple notifications!


Hope this helps! Less Stressin More #Livin!

– CG3.0

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