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What is 3.0?

I’ve been throwing around this 3.0 concept for awhile now. However, to this day I still get the magical questions of “Why 3.0?” or “What is 3.0?” Time for today’s school lesson! 3.0 [ three – point – oh ] NOUN: An individual that has overcome a difficult time or any major obstacle. ┬áThis accomplishment

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New Accessory – Black Belt

  Last night I was officially presented with a World Taekwondo Federation Certified Black Belt under Grand Master Se Yong Chang (better known in the TKD world as “GMC”). I cannot begin to describe my gratitude to GMC, Master Youngshin “Jennifer” Chang, and Master Yong Seong “CJ” Chang. They taught me to be warriors, they

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Strength in Numbers

  Over the past 2 years, my journey to 3.0 has instilled in me a lot of qualities of independence throughout the process of finding myself. However, the driving factors and influences on my current fitness level were not gained solely on my own behalf. I had help along the way, and without all the

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