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How to take control of your weight loss & getting back in shape

Below are the biggest concepts to understand and remember, which will help you to take back control…concepts which help me to stay in control: Accept the fact that you will not be perfect, you will never be in control 100% of the time, and that there will ALWAYS be ups and downs/good days and bad

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Ridiculous Goals

  The journey and concept of needing a “3.0 transformation” may not resonate with everyone. Honestly, I hope it never does. Being at a low point, unable to break out of your rut, feelings of self-hate, and being unhappy with life…I would never wish that upon my worst enemy. The purpose of this blog was

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“A man’s reach must exceed his grasp” – Robert Browning

Never settle on your dreams. My ambition fuels me to seek the edge…then to keep going…to fly. Fresh from vacation out West, and was completely surrounded by inspiration. I received it from my outdoor workouts, from the cooling breeze paired with the bright sun shining down, and from my amazing family. One of the things

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How Engineering Helped Me Lose Weight

I was not an engineering major during my college days, but many of my friends/coworkers were studying electrical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, etc. As a marketing major, my brain worked more in a creative thinking capacity, with hints of consultative approaches to problem solving. My engineering counterparts on the other hand thrive on the

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