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I’m Baaaaaaaaaaack!!!

I’ve been gone for far too long. Summer’s just around the corner, so it is oh so necessary for me to fire up the blog posts once again and start DROPPIN SOME KNOWLEDGE BOMBS!!! Let me serve one up for you really quick. CG3.0 Word Problem of the Day: Katie loves Krispy Kreme. Katie buys

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Is Being Too Productive, Making You Less Productive?

As a coach, I am big on one huge term: EFFICIENCY. I’m always looking to analyze efficient movement patterns in the gym, maintain efficient nutrition protocols in the kitchen, and adopt habits for optimal efficiency in the workplace. Today we will take a step out of the gym and venture back into where a lot

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Bloggers always have the big challenge of trying to keep their posts consistent, me included. Life’s been very eventful which is a most positive problem. I have picked up a surge of online clients in the past 2 months and everyone is progressing quite nicely! I am encouraging them (and you) to keep strength training

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Old Bay to Golden Bay – Ode to my father

In 1975, my father immigrated from the Philippine Islands to the United States. The first city he landed in was San Francisco, California.  He met up with some of his brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews. He came to the United States to start his professional career as a medical doctor. However, his one opportunity

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What is 3.0?

I’ve been throwing around this 3.0 concept for awhile now. However, to this day I still get the magical questions of “Why 3.0?” or “What is 3.0?” Time for today’s school lesson! 3.0 [ three – point – oh ] NOUN: An individual that has overcome a difficult time or any major obstacle. ┬áThis accomplishment

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New Accessory – Black Belt

  Last night I was officially presented with a World Taekwondo Federation Certified Black Belt under Grand Master Se Yong Chang (better known in the TKD world as “GMC”). I cannot begin to describe my gratitude to GMC, Master Youngshin “Jennifer” Chang, and Master Yong Seong “CJ” Chang. They taught me to be warriors, they

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