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Inspirational Story: Valerie 3.0

I’ve known this wonderful girl for quite a while, and despite this being a lengthy post, it deserves every bit of your attention. Make sure you to give this your time, because she was gracious enough to share her story with not only me, but to the community. Valerie is a Registered Nurse in her

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Old Bay to Golden Bay – Ode to my father

In 1975, my father immigrated from the Philippine Islands to the United States. The first city he landed in was San Francisco, California.  He met up with some of his brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews. He came to the United States to start his professional career as a medical doctor. However, his one opportunity

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Stop Making excuses

      It’s raining…if the weather was nicer I’d definitely workout. Oh man, the sun is out right now, but it’s way too hot. I had a long day at work, I don’t have enough energy to get a good workout in. I’ll start on Monday… I made it a goal to inspire as many

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What is 3.0?

I’ve been throwing around this 3.0 concept for awhile now. However, to this day I still get the magical questions of “Why 3.0?” or “What is 3.0?” Time for today’s school lesson! 3.0 [ three – point – oh ] NOUN: An individual that has overcome a difficult time or any major obstacle.  This accomplishment

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New Accessory – Black Belt

  Last night I was officially presented with a World Taekwondo Federation Certified Black Belt under Grand Master Se Yong Chang (better known in the TKD world as “GMC”). I cannot begin to describe my gratitude to GMC, Master Youngshin “Jennifer” Chang, and Master Yong Seong “CJ” Chang. They taught me to be warriors, they

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“A man’s reach must exceed his grasp” – Robert Browning

Never settle on your dreams. My ambition fuels me to seek the edge…then to keep going…to fly. Fresh from vacation out West, and was completely surrounded by inspiration. I received it from my outdoor workouts, from the cooling breeze paired with the bright sun shining down, and from my amazing family. One of the things

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