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Strength in Numbers

  Over the past 2 years, my journey to 3.0 has instilled in me a lot of qualities of independence throughout the process of finding myself. However, the driving factors and influences on my current fitness level were not gained solely on my own behalf. I had help along the way, and without all the

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How Engineering Helped Me Lose Weight

I was not an engineering major during my college days, but many of my friends/coworkers were studying electrical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, etc. As a marketing major, my brain worked more in a creative thinking capacity, with hints of consultative approaches to problem solving. My engineering counterparts on the other hand thrive on the

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Cheat Day!!!   Some trainers believe that it is important to have one day a week where you take a break from the healthy and clean eating, and are allowed to eat whatever you want. They call this the cheat day, however, cheating has a negative connotation associated with it. I’ve heard some people use

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