Online Coaching

My plan is set up into weekly coaching blocks where I focus on explaining in detail the topics of creating an optimal and efficient metabolism through strength/resistance training, properly fueling your body with a sound understanding of nutritional concepts, and helping coach and motivate you to both create and achieve your desired goals.  

Anyone can just tell you what you need to do in order lose weight or build muscle. However, I pride myself in teaching you why you must intake particular foods, how your body composition will respond to particular training protocols, and how to approach all of this, while still maintaining a SUSTAINABLE lifestyle.

My coaching program entails the following:

– 45Min weekly Check In Meeting via Skype/Facetime ***Here’s where I really coach and educate you on what you need to know, we can discuss your progress, delve into any questions or nutritional concepts, and decide a game plan for the upcoming week.

– Education on nutritional principles including/not limited to: Macro/Micronutrient needs, Caloric Expenditure, Metabolic Adaptations, Food Industry Myths, etc.

– Custom Weekly Macro Nutrient Totals and coaching on how to calculate/account for your totals(May or may not change each week depending on effectiveness of previous week’s totals)

– Flexible Meal Planning/Coaching catered to your current work/lifestyle schedule and also catered to you fitting in “dirty” foods or your “guilty pleasures”

– Strength/Exercise training recommendations which supplement the nutrition program.

– Daily email support (allow 24 hours for a response) and text support (for higher priority issues).

4, 8, and 12 Week Packages Available

*Each plan requires weekly progress pics (before after photos), weekly body weight in numbers, food scale, and full commitment to my procedures and methodology.