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Trying to lose weight? Liquor vs Beer: Which Is “Healthier?”

This is a big topic that I could talk about for hours, and MUST be taken with context. I will take ONE ANGLE of this topic for the sake of keeping my posts more succinct, but please please please make sure to read my post in full. Before I start, please know that I am not endorsing

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Breaking Bread

I created this blog in September of 2012 with the purpose of sharing my story in hopes that it would motivate and inspire others towards healthier lifestyles. However, the fitness industry can be fu#%&$ up, and I’ve seen it first hand along with my own journey towards being healthy. I’ve lost weight before, but in

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The worst question to ask when it comes to your health?

**I am making an effort to deliver my posts in the same way I program my own training. I try to keep frequency as consistent/high as possible, but will vary the volume/load…in this case today I’m going switch it up on you with a less lengthier post than normal.** We always ask the wrong question

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Get It Right, Get It Tight!

Interested in getting in on some 3.0 Outdoor Bootcamps & Workouts? Do you wanna workout with your closest friends? Grab a group of your buddies and shoot me an email at CG@ChristopherGamboa.com to set up a group session! Email for details!    (Shown Above – Bosu Ball and Med Ball Plank Combo – Front Plank Variation)

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