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Trying to lose weight? Liquor vs Beer: Which Is “Healthier?”

This is a big topic that I could talk about for hours, and MUST be taken with context. I will take ONE ANGLE of this topic for the sake of keeping my posts more succinct, but please please please make sure to read my post in full. Before I start, please know that I am not endorsing

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The worst question to ask when it comes to your health?

**I am making an effort to deliver my posts in the same way I program my own training. I try to keep frequency as consistent/high as possible, but will vary the volume/load…in this case today I’m going switch it up on you with a less lengthier post than normal.** We always ask the wrong question

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Get It Right, Get It Tight!

Interested in getting in on some 3.0 Outdoor Bootcamps & Workouts? Do you wanna workout with your closest friends? Grab a group of your buddies and shoot me an email at CG@ChristopherGamboa.com to set up a group session! Email for details!    (Shown Above – Bosu Ball and Med Ball Plank Combo – Front Plank Variation)

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