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Nutrition: Part 1 – CGIII.0 General Take on Nutrition [INCLUSIVE vs. EXCLUSIVE]

**BIGGEST NUTRITION PRINCIPLE THAT I WILL ENDORSE*** Inclusive vs. Exclusive Your focus for nutrition will be on introducing and eating more specific types of foods, as opposed to focusing on eliminating or refraining from eating certain types of foods: essentially eating more to lose more. Let me know if these sound familiar: “For the next

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Harry Potter Diet Doesn’t Work!!!

                          I hear about it, I read about it, I see it ALL THE TIME…everyone wants to take the pills, the powders, the secret juice, the magic potions in order to lose weight fast or get big quick. Generally, manufacturers do not need

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Going Green!

I have been getting A LOT of requests for more recipes and meal ideas. The key to staying lean is not only working out and staying active, but proper food choices. The next item, is actually an essential cooking tool that I use every single week. I present to you a CG Essential: The Steaming

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