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CG3.0 Executive Client – Progress Spotlight

  Extremely proud of my client for all the work he’s put in towards his health and fitness. I tried asking him for some before pictures, but his response: “I was always too embarrassed with my body to ever be caught in a picture without my shirt on.” He’s been applying my flexible dieting principles,

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Nutrition: Part 3 – Introduction to IIFYM / Flexible Dieting

*If you have not read parts 1 & 2 of my nutrition series, stop now and read them here and here. No Whey Protein, Sometimes eating 2 large meals, Sometimes eating 7 smaller meals, Eating meals sometimes after 9 AND that included carbs, re-introduced white starchy carbs like white rice and white bread, consistently did

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Nutrition: Part 2 – Basic Nutritional Definitions AND Re-Definitions

The topic of nutrition can be very complex and very confusing. I’ve had a large influx of people reaching out to me in the recent weeks to get my take on nutritional principles 3.0 style. My goal is to try and make it as easy as possible, so here are a few definitions and a

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