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Is Being Too Productive, Making You Less Productive?

As a coach, I am big on one huge term: EFFICIENCY. I’m always looking to analyze efficient movement patterns in the gym, maintain efficient nutrition protocols in the kitchen, and adopt habits for optimal efficiency in the workplace. Today we will take a step out of the gym and venture back into where a lot

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Where to start for your 2014 Fitness/Health Routine: 10 tips for getting to YOU 3.0

1.) Embrace Your Imperfections – You’re not, you won’t be, and will never be perfect. Sometimes we forget to tell ourselves that. We put ourselves through guilt and anxiety when we fall off track from our perfect diet, or our perfect routine, etc. You must account for error, mistakes, and slip-ups. Most importantly, you can’t let

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How I used the “F” word to lose weight and get in shape

FUEL!!! Nutrition is a HUGE part of the ever changing quest for people to lose weight and to becoming healthier and more fit. However, with the hundreds of diets and scientific methods for achieving your goals, it can be extremely daunting and difficult to get the results you want. Of course there are some simple

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