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Trying to lose weight? Liquor vs Beer: Which Is “Healthier?”

This is a big topic that I could talk about for hours, and MUST be taken with context. I will take ONE ANGLE of this topic for the sake of keeping my posts more succinct, but please please please make sure to read my post in full. Before I start, please know that I am not endorsing

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I’m Baaaaaaaaaaack!!!

I’ve been gone for far too long. Summer’s just around the corner, so it is oh so necessary for me to fire up the blog posts once again and start DROPPIN SOME KNOWLEDGE BOMBS!!! Let me serve one up for you really quick. CG3.0 Word Problem of the Day: Katie loves Krispy Kreme. Katie buys

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Proof is in the Pudding – No Running

I just celebrated my 29th bday in LA where I got to watch the Crossfit Games live. The weekend was full of inspiring moments, and happy to see the direction where my 3.0 Training and Coaching is headed. The best presents I’ve received came in the form of replies from those that I’ve coached, influenced,

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CG3.0 Executive Client – Progress Spotlight

  Extremely proud of my client for all the work he’s put in towards his health and fitness. I tried asking him for some before pictures, but his response: “I was always too embarrassed with my body to ever be caught in a picture without my shirt on.” He’s been applying my flexible dieting principles,

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