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In A Relationship!

I’m in a relationship!…with food. We all need food in order to survive, and that is scientific fact. No one, therefore, can refute the statement about themselves being in such a relationship. We have varying degrees of relationships with food, ranging from good to bad, and in some unfortunate cases horrible. A common subject that

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Don’t Put The Pan De Sal On A Pedestal

              I always preach the recurring theme of everything in moderation. I will never criticize anyone for omitting certain foods from their diets, especially if its due to religious, health, or personal preferences. HOWEVER, there are many people who place certain sweets, comfort foods, or even carbs in general

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Ridiculous Goals

  The journey and concept of needing a “3.0 transformation” may not resonate with everyone. Honestly, I hope it never does. Being at a low point, unable to break out of your rut, feelings of self-hate, and being unhappy with life…I would never wish that upon my worst enemy. The purpose of this blog was

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