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Inspirational Story: Valerie 3.0

I’ve known this wonderful girl for quite a while, and despite this being a lengthy post, it deserves every bit of your attention. Make sure you to give this your time, because she was gracious enough to share her story with not only me, but to the community. Valerie is a Registered Nurse in her

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Daily Dose Of Inspiration: Breaking The Plateau

  The picture above is not from one of my clients, but one of my really good friends. He put in the work, he made the commitment, and he didn’t make any excuses. He had a goal of making some changes in his life, and made a commitment to shedding some pounds. I’m extremely proud

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Stop Making excuses

      It’s raining…if the weather was nicer I’d definitely workout. Oh man, the sun is out right now, but it’s way too hot. I had a long day at work, I don’t have enough energy to get a good workout in. I’ll start on Monday… I made it a goal to inspire as many

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What is 3.0?

I’ve been throwing around this 3.0 concept for awhile now. However, to this day I still get the magical questions of “Why 3.0?” or “What is 3.0?” Time for today’s school lesson! 3.0 [ three – point – oh ] NOUN: An individual that has overcome a difficult time or any major obstacle.  This accomplishment

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How to take control of your weight loss & getting back in shape

Below are the biggest concepts to understand and remember, which will help you to take back control…concepts which help me to stay in control: Accept the fact that you will not be perfect, you will never be in control 100% of the time, and that there will ALWAYS be ups and downs/good days and bad

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CG 3.0 World Tour: 3.0 vs TITAN CROSSFIT

 (Special Thanks to Coach Jason Enrique and the rest of the Titan Crossfit family for letting me test out their beautiful new facility and putting me through a tough workout) Crossfit workouts have gained tremendous popularity in the last year or so, despite being around for some time. I’ve seen the Crossfit games on ESPN,

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