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Why Guys Should Lift Like Girls, and Why Girls Should Lift Like Guys

The average male, full of pride, ego, and testosterone…would rather slip a disc, snap a few ligaments, or risk being crushed to death than be caught in the gym as the puny little runt using baby/girly weights. The average female, influenced by bone thin Victoria’s Secret Models, magazine cover girls, and instafamous IG models…are terrified

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The worst question to ask when it comes to your health?

**I am making an effort to deliver my posts in the same way I program my own training. I try to keep frequency as consistent/high as possible, but will vary the volume/load…in this case today I’m going switch it up on you with a less lengthier post than normal.** We always ask the wrong question

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The New Way to Meal Prep, 3.0 Style!

I want ya’ll to be completely honest…not just with me, but with yourselves. Have you ever binged before at least once in your life? Whether it was at a family party, at a buffet, or perhaps just one weekend when the opening of a fresh pack of cookies resulted in an empty package of cookies.

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