Nissa G. – (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

CG helped me in all aspects of training: food/macros, strength training, as well as changing the way I thought about both of those things. Initially I was scared of carbs but it turns out my body actually showed better results when I ate more carbs. I also learned that you don’t need a ton of cardio to get fit (that one took a lot of mental retraining as well). Dead lifting and squatting heavy have become part of my regular routine, no longer something that intimidated me! We had a virtual meeting weekly and he kept me on track, answering all of my (sometimes crazy) questions, and guiding me on new exercises he added to my training plan. We documented my workouts in conjunction with my macros and we were able to pinpoint which combinations worked best for my body and continue on that path. Although he doesn’t coach me regularly now, I still use everything he taught me, and know I can ask him if I ever have any questions to this day! Can’t say enough good things!

Min K. – (Rockville, Maryland)

I <3 C.G.!  When I first started working out with him, he took time to talk to me about my goals and what I usually do to workout vs what I should be doing.  Working with him got me better results from my workouts and and he got me to push harder and do more than I thought I could.  For example, I am no longer afraid of using the “big” weights and can feel badass using the heavier free weights at the gym (THANKS C.G.!).  His influence has me working out more often and better–I love the changes in my body and endurance.  C.G. is also a sweetheart and fun to workout with.  I really miss him being in MD!!

Joy L. – (Baltimore, Maryland)

Before I found Chris my way of eating was a roller coaster and my performance/training was taking the blunt of it. I was missing PR’s and not getting to where I wanted to be. Frustrated, both mentally and physically, I decided to reach out for help.  Chris, being a fellow CrossFitter, understood exactly how I trained and what I needed to fuel my body. He introduced me to IIFYM (counting my macros) and has helped me fine tune, tweak, and fuel my body for what I needed it to do. Chris and I worked together as a team to figure out my macros and he made it a point to tell me to contact him anytime I had any sort of questions. Him being available to me anytime I needed him has not only helped my performance during lifts and WOD’s but mentally I’m feeling great as well. Chris not only helps you physically but also drives home the importance of balance to enjoy life. I’ve seen significant changes with me PR’s, WOD times (I shaved 50 seconds off of my Fran time!), and my body composition.  I can’t praise and recommend him enough for the CrossFit Athlete that just needs some help with nailing down the correct way to eat.

Andrew S. – (Louisville, Kentucky)

Thanks go to C.G. for teaching me how to eat in a way that reflects my values and goals, that really helped me accelerate the progress. Lifted more weight today than any day previous in my life. More energy, discipline, vitality, better mood, and better blood sugars on the daily. #‎beetuswontbeatus

Despite having diabetes and a packed schedule from running a business, through proper exercise and nutrition I am:

  • Down 14lbs of fat
  • Up 17.5lbs of muscle
  • Down 9% body fat
  • Up 1″ on chest
  • Down 2″ on waist (whaddup old pants and new belt)
  • Up .75″ on arms
  • Up .75″ on thigh